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Credit Card Cash Advance

A Credit Card Cash Advance is a discounted, prepaid purchase of future credit card receipts. Businesses receive cash today for their future receivables and pay back through a small percentage of their daily credit card receipts during a 6 to 10 month term, or until the balance is fully satisfied.

Private Funding

Our ACH funding is tailored for businesses that derive little revenue from credit card sales. Businesses access working capital centered on their cash flow. Like a Credit Card Cash Advance, this is the purchase of future receivables. Funding is based on the aggregate cash flow through the businesses operating accounts. Repayment is made by automated electronic debits (ACH) over specified terms. This allows businesses to use future cash flow in the future to obtain the working capital they need to grow now.


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Use the capital for whatever you want, especially for endeavors that enhance your business such as inventory, equipment or marketing.


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